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Jouissance Vampires

May 18, 2021

Daniel interviews Daniel Lopez, Jacobin Editor and author of Lukács: Praxis and the Absolute

Topics of Discussion Include:

Who is Lukács, and his revival, introductions. Lukács the Worldview Marxist (also what is Worldview Marxism?), The proletariat today, A bio of Lukács, Faith...

Mar 23, 2021

.@mcrumps and @DanielTutt meet in the Vampire Bunker for an episode of catching up and chatting.

Chatting about what? Well, the ruins of the Trump era, covering everything from the public sphere, the potential end of austerity, Bernie's Mittens, and the absolute state of the right, to how posting has changed and how it...

Mar 15, 2021

.@DanielTutt and @mcrumps talk brass tacks with Mari Ruti, philosopher and author of many books including ‘Penis Envy and Other Bad Feelings’

In this episode they discuss Ruti’s influences, her project more generally, Lacan, hurdles to teaching theory, Jordan Peterson, lack, the Sinthome, paranoid vs reparative...

Feb 24, 2021

@DanielTutt interviews Adam Bartlett, where they discuss- Ruminations on Australia and personal recollections, discussion on Adam’s book on Badiou and Plato: unpacking sophism, badiou’s reading of plato, representational thinking, the republic, ‘the event’, the allegory of the cave, Badiou’s Philosophy, and...

Feb 18, 2021

@DanielTutt and @mcrumps interview @FSmecker and @DrSeanWitters on the phenomena known as 'Qanon'.

In this episode we discuss: alcoholics anonymous and alanon, Qanon as addicts, addicts as symptoms of capitalism, the anti-steps to success, anti anti-fascism, L Ron Hubbard, castration, Q and violence, and post trump...